Hollywood Drum Show At Thirteen


From Press Release:

The 13th Hollywood Drum Show will be held for two days, October 1 and 2, at Solar Studios in Glendale. The show will feature a showroom with exhibitors ranging from equipment dealers to music instructors, beautiful vintage and custom drums as well as clinics and live performances.

The Hollywood Drum Show is the only event of its kind on the west coast. It’s the one place, in one weekend, to find rare drums, vintage kits, accessories and hardware, hard-to-find parts and memorabilia from manufacturers, dealers and private collectors from across the country. Additionally, some of the finest craftsmen in the industry present the best examples of unique custom drums. There is also a consignment area.

The Hollywood Drum Show is known also for its yearly giveaways of thousands of dollars worth of drums and equipment. This year, top-of-the-line snare drums and gear from George Way Drums, Vaughncraft, Tempus, Ludwig, Drum Workshop, Johnny Craviotto, Mayer Bros., Pro Drum Shop, Symphonic Percussion, JCTPO, REMO, San Francisco Drum Company and Dunnett Classic will be raffled throughout the weekend. Vintage snares, cymbals from Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste and Bosphorus, and Pro Mark sticks will also be given away.

The clinician schedule (subject to change) is:

Noon: Jason Sutter
2pm: Dave Elitch
4pm: Thomas Lang

1pm: Frank Capp Trio
4pm: Stanton Moore

Other recording artists, celebrities and other special guests are set to appear as well.

The Hollywood Drum Show was founded in 1997 by Hollywood-based drummer and avid vintage drum collector, Kerry Crutchfield.

For tickets and additional information, please visit here.

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Hittin’: Animal @ The Tonight Show

Animal & Danimal

A rumpled clump of orange and red felt and feathers lay half-covered in clear plastic upon a newly custom-built drum riser in NBC Burbank Studio 11. Celebrities rarely live up to their larger-than-life personas in person, and this seemed no exception. One of rock and roll’s most iconic and illustrious drummers was barely noticeable amidst the buzzing pre-production activity on The Tonight Show set. But it was still early by traditional rock star standards.

On cue, the furry heap magically arose, opened wide manic eyes, took-in the scene around him and slowly muttered, “Aaaaah!…rough night”—instantly assuming the center of attention. Animal had awakened. And I was in the presence of a legend.

A History
Animal, traveling with a certain Miss Piggy (who happens to share a remarkably similar speaking…er, yelling…voice), was on set to sit-in with OK Go on the band’s version of “The Muppet Show Theme” off the just-released The Green Album—featuring classic Muppet songs re-imagined and performed by contemporary artists. His performance would involve dual-drumming duties and obligatory “battle” with founding member Dan Konopka. The two drummers have a history.

It’s unclear exactly how it happened or who challenged whom, but at last year’s Webby Awards show, Animal and “Danimal” became entangled in a no-holds-barred staring contest that concluded with Dan acquiescing to be Animal’s personal roadie for a year. All I can say about that is when I arrived on stage, Animal’s six-piece tequila-sunrise drumset had already been fully set-up and Dan had a very early call time. And, of course, Animal was fast asleep on his riser.

Beat Drums!!!
Shortly after awaking and shaking-off the night before, Animal was behind those drums, stage left of Dan, in full-force and ready for sound check and camera blocking. A real pro. Never having heard the arrangement and without so much as a paradiddle warm-up, he ripped into the song and a solo-spot that was so dense, fast, and precise in execution it left the skeptical in the room scanning for the Pro Tools rig and scrutinizing every blurred stoke for authenticity. But those of us familiar with his dizzying technique knew better. All Dan could do was smile, shake his head and hold on. Hold on and lock in. They sounded seamless together. Unlike that staring contest, this clearly appeared to be all in good fun.

Off The Chain
Animal and his “people” tend to keep a pretty short leash (short and chain-linked) on public appearances and publicity outside of official Muppet business. As far as I can tell, he has only been interviewed once in his career. And that was by Kermit…THE Frog—not exactly objective press. So, we were stunned and thrilled to receive word that Animal had agreed to Hollywood Drum’s request for a backstage video interview. We think the idea of speaking with a drummer, to drummers, about drums appealed to his…sensibilities. Shortly after initial show taping began, Animal sat down with Dan for a chat.

My intial thought after watching the resulting interview—aside from wanting more—was just how fitting Animal’s portrait of a drummer (not simply a monosyllabic rock drummer) is in many ways. There is the energy and physicality to be certain. The off-beat, eccentric side. The sharp and easy-to-laugh humor. The commitment and dedication without taking things too seriously—work is play after all. And most strikingly, the caring, sensitive, open and giving side—the still depth beneath the active surface. Animal is happy to shout out his influences, fondness for women, and proclivity for all things loud, just before demurring to Dan’s news of his soon-arriving baby boy—sentimentally, quietly cooing things like, “Little baby? Awwww…lit-tle boy…awwww…” and granting Dan time-off from his roadie duties.

Then, “Go get drums! Now!!!”

Watch our exclusive video interview with Animal. NOW!!!

Krugman & Animal

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