Blade In Black

If you weren’t checking Brian Blade with Daniel Lanois’ Black Dub at the Troubadour this past Thursday, October 15, 2009, then you either a) were on the road or hard at work in town, b) were preoccupied with the birth of your baby, or c) didn’t check the calendar or speak to anyone for a full-week beforehand. So either carry on, congratulations, or shame on you/hope you’re feeling better.

Synonym Denied
The show surpassed high expectations and was a special one, indeed. I dislike the word “special” and use it only when unavoidable. “Exceptional” doesn’t hold the same feeling, and there are times when is absolutely no help at all. Special, special, special. I recall turning to a guy standing next to me after the encore and proclaiming, “You don’t see that everyday.” The stranger concurred.

Double Take
Last May, I attended the final show at The Jazz Bakery with Scott Colley featuring Blade, and intended to do a review and interview for the site. For whatever unimportant reason, it didn’t happen and I’m happy to have another opportunity now to write a bit about the brilliant drummer. The contrast between the two performances—one a chart-heavy contemporary bop quartet, and the other a moody, grooving roots/rock band—is a telling illustration of who Brian Blade is as a musician and why he’s become so prevalent. And relevant. It’s redundant, but perhaps necessary to note that he killed on both dates.

If you did miss the sold-out performance, hopefully our review will give you a taste of…ah, who’re we kiddin? You had to be there.

Steve Krugman

LA Via L.A.

With this posting,—a-thank you—is adding reviews to our growing list of Features content. What this means for you: If you happen to miss an L.A. show of particular drum-related interest, and we happen to not miss it, then you can trust all we have to say about it as second-best only to being there yourself; if you happen to catch an L.A. show of particular drum-related interest that we happen to be reviewing, then you get to shake your fist and cuss at how wrong we got it. What it means for us: free shows.

Two Mints In One
Our coverage of The Meters Experience with Stanton Moore at the Mint on October 9, 2009, also marks our first double feature: a review of the show, and a Q&A with Stanton. So much for free shows. By the way, where were you people?! I know you’re not all gigging on a Friday night. I expected to see the drummers out for this one. It was pretty much me, Jonathan “Sugar Foot” Moffett, and a bunch of rhythmically-challenged crawfish aficionados. C’mon.

Stanton talks a bit about the show and his overflowing cardboard box-lid sized (ever been to a crawfish party?) plate of current projects. Bon Ton Roulet!

Steve Krugman