Guitar Center Sam Ash Hollywood Drum Shop

Drums Along Sunset, April 11, 2010

Grand Opening?
Not so much. In their own words: “We’re celebrating the Grand Opening of our newly remodeled Drum Shop all weekend long!” Fair enough.

Uneasy Neighbors
Trouble in the Forest? Not for us wood-choppers. Sam Ash Drum Shop threw its own Drum Party in reaction to next-door neighbor Guitar Center Drum Shop’s remodel/Grand Opening Drum Party thrown in reaction to Sam Ash Drum Shop’s recent actual Grand Opening. More wood for us.

Neon And On And On
You can take the girl out of the neon, but you can’t take the neon out of the girl. Neon stays.

A Charm All Its Own
Neon drumsets, too. This particular model is also a bicycle, I think. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s also a bicycle. You may or may not be able to drink it.

This Year’s Re-Model
Aside from the aforementioned carpet, the new electronic room and accessory wall rounded out the remodel of the drum department. We here at Hollywood Drum are liking that wall.

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