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The L.A. drumming scene is among the most exciting, active, diverse and endowed in the world. On any given night, the local clubs are percolating with the rhythms of some the most happening players around today. Welcome to the scene.



Dan “Danimal” Konopka (OK Go) interviewed Animal (Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem) backstage at The Tonight Show. BEAT DRUMS!!!

Bernie & Jonathan Dresel
Bernie Dresel and Jonathan Dresel are quintessential L.A. drummers. They also share a last name. We interviewed the brothers for our debut episode of “Hollywood Drum Before Dark.”

Nate Wood (Kneebody, Tigran Hamasyan, John Tesh)
Nate Wood put his mini-drumset in the closet at age four because he thought he wasn’t good enough. He brought them back out at nine, and now he’s one of the most exciting players on the scene. We sat down with him on New Years Eve Day 2009.

Steve Gadd
“I like anything that grooves.” Not a very surprising quote from Steve Gadd. “I felt like I needed to decorate myself.” A less obvious one. Hear these and everything in-between in our video interview with Dr. Gadd.

Jeff Friedl (Ashes Divide, Puscifer, Devo)
A great guy with a great story. A rock drummer who once dreamed of being a timbalero in a salsa band, moves to L.A. from Tucson, and finds hardship and hard-won success. Somewhere along the way, he drank a shitload of rum in Cuba.

Craig Macintyre (Colbie Caillat, Josh Groban)
Hollywood Drum convened its inaugural video interview with drummer Craig Macintyre. The result is decidedly Lo-Fi in production and subjectively Hi-Fi in charisma.

Elvy Brock (Wizard Sleeve)
This was an interesting one. It so happened that on the day of the Craig Macintyre interview shoot, the enigmatic and ever fervent Elvy “The Badger” Brock of the mystical free-form prog rock band, Wizard Sleeve, was in town and in our studio.



Pro Drum 50th Anniversary
OK Go’s Dan Konopka reports on the recent Pro Drum 50th Anniversary Celebration.



John Bonham Tribute Drummers
In anticipation of the Bonzo tribute: The Groove Remains The Same commemorating the 30th anniversary of his death, we collected some thoughts from drummers either participating or invited to participate.

Ralph Humphrey and Don Lombardi
With Drummer’s Reality Camp 2010, Los Angeles Music Academy and Drum Channel join to present a week of drumming education and entertainment with some of L.A.’s finest.

Stanton Moore
Following a recent L.A. show, and as he begins an extended tour schedule, we connect with Stanton Moore.

Kerry Crutchfield
As the 12th Annual Hollywood Drum Show fast approaches, founder and organizer Kerry Crutchfield took a moment to reflect on the past, present, and future of his beloved event.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark is bringing in ‘da funk (and definitely ‘da swing) from N.Y.C. with a clinic stop at L.A.’s Drum City. Good enough an excuse as any to catch up with one of the greats.

Peter Erskine
In anticipation of his 6-hour master class for L.A. Jazz Pro, we are happy (OK, we’re giddy) to feature a true master. Dig HollywoodDrum.com’s Q&A with Peter Erskine.

Alex Acuña
In anticipation of his 6-hour master class for L.A. Jazz Pro, we are happy (OK, we’re giddy) to feature a true master. Dig HollywoodDrum.com’s Q&A with Alex Acuña.

Phil Maturano
We sent some questions to Phil Maturano concerning the Drummer Intensive Day L.A. 2009, and he sent us back some answers. Cool, eh? His responses are presented unedited.



GC Drum Off Grand Finals 2010
Guitar Center held the 2010 Drum Off Grand Finals at The Music Box in Hollywood on January 8, 2011. Highlights and more in our pictorial review.

Pro Drum Shop Xmas Party ’10
Constant as the North Star, the annual Pro Drum Xmas Party was held December 15th, 2010. We follow with our second annual pictorial review.

The Groove Remains The Same
In remembrance and celebration of John Henry Bonham on the 30th anniversary of his death, the Groove Remains The Same brought the L.A. drum community together to pay tribute at Key Club on September 25, 2010.

Chad Sexton’s Drum City Grand Opening
Luckily, “Paul is dead” was a short-lived rumor. We love Paul. So too for Chad Sexton’s Drum City in North Hollywood. Left for the worms along with the original Lankershim Blvd location, the shop survives on Burbank Blvd. Here’s to thriving.

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders
A Band of Drummers: Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders played The Troubadour to celebrate their album release, April 20, 2010. The drummer shared the stage with Nate Wood and Dave Grohl.

Drums Along Sunset
On April 10th and 11th, 2010, Guitar Center and Sam Ash Drum Shops on Sunset threw competing and complimentary drum parties. Vive la ressemblance!

Pro Drum Shop Xmas Party ’09
L.A. rockstar drummer Jason Sutter covers the annual Pro Drum Shop Xmas Party held December 15, 2009. Cheers!

Steve Gadd and Friends
Our review of Steve Gadd and Friends at Catalina Jazz Club on November 11, 2009.

12th Annual Hollywood Drum Show
The 12th Annual Hollywood Drum Show went down October 17th and 18th, 2009. We had press passes and a camera. Add editorial latitude, and you have our pictorial review.

Brian Blade with Black Dub
Brian Blade graced the stage of The Troubadour with Daniel Lanois’ Black Dub October 15, 2009. Read the review.

Stanton Moore with The Meters Experience
Stanton Moore played with Leo Nocentelli’s The Meters Experience at The Mint on October 9, 2009. Read the review.

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