Jeff Friedl Interview

Jeff Friedl (ASHES dIVIDE, Puscifer) Interview

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Making it. There are as many definitions as there are stories of “making it.” New York may have the ultimate making it song, but L.A. is arguably the current world capital of making it. The city is a common symbol in the mythology of making it, from a legacy of gold and oil prospectors to Hollywood’s modern day forty niners: actors and musicians.

Enter Jeff Friedl. In 2004, to be precise. A drummer from Tucson, AZ hitching up the covered wagon and settling the wild frontier in search of a musical career beyond the local Ramada. It was a cold—and bold—move. He was not alone. Hordes blaze the same trail for themselves every year. The thing is, while there is some universal aspect of struggle and loss associated with that type of journey, the ultimate destination is often elusive.

And although destination is a moving target, if you would have told Jeff 5 years ago that in 2008-2009 he would be touring with two major rock bands, and recording with music icons, it would have sounded a lot like making it to him. (He probably also would have asked you where to invest his money, if he had any, and if you’re so smart.) In most cases, making it isn’t something that happens to you. As many questions as the phrase may raise, it also holds a crucial answer: success is something one makes.

This is Jeff’s story of making it in L.A. In 17 parts.

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