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Hollywood Drum is dedicated to education. As musicians, we are all students. Hollywood Drum maintains a first-rate teaching studio in North Hollywood, CA. Well appointed with multiple drumsets, world and auxiliary percussion, and a full PA system in a large and happy space, the studio is an ideal learning and creative environment. Lessons are generally structured in one or two hour private sessions. Instruction is highly personalized to meet the level, goals, and learning preferences of each individual student.

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A Message From Steve Krugman

“You must be a musician; you can’t just be anybody—anybody can’t drum.” -Warren “Baby” Dodds, drummer with Louis Armstrong

Perhaps anybody can learn to play any instrument, but it takes much more to be a musician. I constantly strive to be a better musician, not a better drummer. My teaching philosophy is guided by this principle—learn the craft with the art in mind. And, of course, have fun doing it, because being a musician is ultimately a joyful endeavor.

I am a professional musician, and have taught hundreds of students throughout my over 20-year career. I was fortunate to have accomplished, methodical, and inspired teachers who not only influenced my musical sensibilities, but also contributed to my interest in teaching as an extension of the art. Since graduating from the renowned University of North Texas School of Music, I have been a busy live and studio freelance drummer, educator, and clinician. My musical interests, education, and experience have resulted in my approaching the instrument as whole and not in relation to different genres and techniques—learn the instrument and the rest is concept, maturity, sensitivity, and what the legendary Baby Dodds called “spirit…”

“Drumming is Spirit; you’ve got to have that in your body, in your soul. You hear a band where the drummer hasn’t got no spirit…it don’t sound so good.” -”Baby” Dodds


“Steve Krugman is by far the best drum instructor I’ve ever studied under and has helped me get rock-solid ready for recording the next OK Go album. Studying under Steve has been a truly amazing experience. He’s an excellent teacher, musician and friend.”
-Dan Konopka, OK Go

“I am SO grateful for Steve Krugman! When my band decided to go back on tour this summer after a hiatus, I was shocked at how bad I was at keeping up with myself. But then I found Steve. He has taught me many tricks/tips/skills to employ to make my return easier, and stopped me from freaking out!

Steve was very respectful of the things I could do, and didn’t want to over-fix the way I played. So whilst I have maintained my style, I can now play with more control, options and tools. I am excited to continue learning from him when I return!

I cannot recommend Steve Krugman more highly. I felt instantly comfortable with him, and can’t begin to imagine how he manages to be so patient! It is a rare thing to find a guy that has an attitude like Steve’s. He is a wonderful teacher, with patience, talent, humor and the perfect amount of ass-kicking-ness. I will be forever grateful. In short, make him your teacher—Krugman rules!!!”
-Emma Gaze, Electrelane

“Steve is one the premier drum/percussion teachers I’ve come across. He has a wide and talented range of music skills and he not only taught me the technical side of playing, but more important to me was the “feel” of playing. He was patient, but progressive in getting me to move forward in my development. The lessons were also a lot of fun…”
-Gary Schneider

Steve made my experience with formal training especially inspiring with his wisdom. He instilled a sense of purpose in my musical development by instructing me in all walks of life–from the importance of keeping constant time to remaining humble as a musician.
-Dylan Kario

“I have had such an amazing experience playing/learning drums with Steve! He makes every class exciting and entertaining. He has made someone who didn’t know drums at all into this person that I never thought I could be. It’s incredible how he changed me so much in less than two years! I highly recommend this teacher to anybody who loves drums out there!”
-James Wu

“I took lessons from Steve for six years and was nine when we began. Over those years, he laid an invincible foundation for my drumming skills. Steve’s teaching directly led me to be our band’s first chair percussionist as well as the sole drummer for the all-state jazz band.
He brought way more to each lesson than his percussive expertise. Honest, charismatic, and fun, he was a true role model for me throughout my childhood, and to this day, I have not once sat in front of a drum set without thinking about his impact on me as a drummer, mentor, and friend.”
-Jason Riggs

“I feel very lucky to have found Steve. His approach is sensitive, thoughtful and encouraging. I discovered a love of drums late (in my 70s), and am having the time of my life as his student.”
-Ann Kenney

“I enjoy every minute of my lessons with Steve. My lessons are so great, I’ve doubled my lessons from one hour to two. Wait til next year when we go for 3 hours.”
-Deborah Jordan

“Steve is perhaps the best teacher, musically and otherwise, I have had. He provides a strong technical foundation coupled with a unique conceptual vision. Strong character and genuine sentiment are traits that are personified in Steve Krugman.”
-Chris Hill

“Steve is a wonderful drum teacher, who has inspired my son for the last 2 years to be the best he can be in percussion. He not only progressed rapidly with Steve’s instructions but also enjoyed his fun-filled style of teaching. Not only has he bonded with Steve in the shared time of drumming, but from the experiences they share he has also grown to love something that he will certainly enjoy for the rest of his life. This is a parent’s dream come true to see a child grow to fall in love with music and has found the tool and guidance to express it in his own way. We love Steve and would highly recommend him to anyone who would give drumming a serious try. A delighted mom!”
-Claudia Margolis

“Steve has been a truly amazing drum teacher for Adam. Adam started with him four years ago at age 7. Steve taught him fundamentals and great technique while making it fun. Adam is now drumming away with vigor. Steve is a wonderful person and role model and has been a special addition to our lives. I can recommend him highly!”
-Robin Wachsner, M.D.