Swinging On Vine

Concerning our latest feature on the Pro Drum 50th Anniversary Celebration, here is a little self-revelatory, behind-the-scenes account of how things go down at a big-time website like HollywoodDrum.com…

Our features editor contacted Stan Keyawa at Pro Drum and acquired press passes (that’s free tickets, y’all—suh-weet!) for the June 6 show at Avalon Hollywood. Upon consultation with the writing staff back at the HollywoodDrum.com offices, it was confirmed that the entire staff had an early showcase gig at SIR that Saturday, and a freelancer would be required to cover the event.

The news business is a people business—this is Lou Grant 101. Our executive editor knows this axiom well, and went to work. Later that evening at a North Hollywood Tiki bar, our chief slid the press passes and an umbrella-garnished scotch across a dimly-lit formica tabletop, effectively securing the assignment with an unsuspecting Dan Konopka—our Pro Drum 50th Anniversary Celebration guest reporter.

Dan is the drummer for indy-rock phenoms, OK Go, likes scotch and has a digital camera. The Man for the Job. He wired his report to our copy editors the next day, our editors sent it over to our web-design team, and we are now happy to post our triumphant Pro Drum 50th Anniversary Celebration coverage for you, our vast and demographically pie-charted readership.

Steve Krugman

Pro Drum Is Golden


Let Us Count the Ways…
Hollywood Drum enthusiastically supports Professional Drum Shop. There shall be no gratuitous exclamation marks, caps, or smileys here for visual emphasis, but be assured of our enthusiasm.

The beloved, iconic, and abiding institution of the Los Angeles drum scene is celebrating 50 years in its original location on Vine St. in Hollywood. Since 1959 (I did the math) Pro Drum has served and connected the drum community here with the passion, expertise, and humanity that only an independent, drummer-run corner shop could offer. It was the first in town and remains the undisputed favorite among local pros.

I extolled the virtue of the corner drum shop right here in the inaugral HollywoodDrum.com blog post as a guiding exemplar for this site. Pro Drum has embodied that ideal consistently, and earned its stature as drum-central in L.A. The inscribed photos of drumming elite that wallpaper the shop aside, the rich history and seasoned soul of the place is felt immediately upon entering its doors (back door for the initiated). Whether stopping by for gear, repair, a hang, or a Styrofoam cup of booze at the annual Christmas party, Pro Drum continues to be a welcome and welcoming destination for L.A. drummers.

On with the 50th Anniversary Show
Come celebrate 50 years of Professional Drum Shop at Avalon Hollywood, Saturday, June 6th from 1-4pm. The lineup includes performances by Ronald Bruner Jr. and band, and Emil Richards with 17-piece big band. And if that’s not enough for your $12, there will be a screening of the Pro Drum 50-year retrospective documentary, and door prizes (does anyone know why they’re called that?).

Tickets are available at Pro Drum or at Avalon on the day of the event.

From Bob and Chuck to Stan and Jerry—and on behalf of all L.A. drummers—Hollywood Drum offers congratulations and gratitude to the Professional Drum Shop.

Check back soon for a review of the show, and a feature on 50 years of Pro Drum.

Steve Krugman