Hollywood Drum Comes Alive!

Steve Krugman

As Elvy Brock says in the first words of the first HollywoodDrum.com video interview, “Oh, hello, L.A.” More to the point here: Oh, hello L.A. drummers. I welcome you to the new website. It’s been a long time comin’. Come on in.

My hope for this site goes beyond an online presence for the Hollywood Drum retail showroom and teaching studio in N. Hollywood, CA. It is that, but I’m looking for much more. Even the name itself holds the allure and the potential of something bigger; Hollywood Drum signifies the tribe we are part of, professionally and socially: the L.A. drumming community. And now, with the launch of HollywoodDrum.com, L.A.’s drum community has a home. And a homepage.

So, What’s Here for Us?
You’ll find news posts on this page and local drum-scene oriented editorial content in Features. A quick glance at the Calendar tells you who’s hitting where on any given night. There’s a community resale category in the Shop to feature exceptional used and vintage gear, and a resources page in the Studio to offer educational and conceptual materials. I don’t mean to beat this idea of “community” with the butt end of a 2B, but that’s really what it’s all about—bringing L.A. drummers together in a supportive and informative way. I’m really interested to see how the Forum evolves as a drummer hang.

A Drummer Hang.
As I think about ways to attract and connect the local drumming community, I keep returning to the image and function of the celebrated corner drum shop. We’ve lost many of them to the grab of big box retail, and we treasure the few remaining. If there is such a thing as the “drumming family” (and there is), then these places are our mutual homes. The lucky among us grew up as drummers in them and always feel a sense of connection, support and belonging when we walk through their doors.

How do we recreate that in cyberspace? Let’s find out. Step inside. Catch up on what’s down around town, reach out, promote yourselves, support each other, discover, enlighten, make some noise, get it on, bang a gong. This is your site, L.A. Drummers—our own virtual corner beyond the far-flung streets of the city. Together, we can keep the unifying spirit of those drum shops alive. Please contact us with ideas, submissions, questions, or feedback of any kind.

For now, as our Elvy Brock concludes, “Come and get the rock!”

Steve Krugman