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R.I.P. John Bonham. It’s safe enough to say that all who attended the 6-hour long tribute to the man last Saturday night commemorating the 30th anniversary of his death, rested peacefully late into Sunday morning. Yes, it was long, and most seemed to stick around until the confetti-spurting climax. This was no wham-bam-thank-you-Bonham. It was a meaningful communion and cuddle-fest among L.A. drummers with the kind of respect that endures the light of day. In fact, it’d be nice to do it again sometime.

…And Tell
The Groove Remains The Same was held at Key Club in Hollywood on September 25th. It proved to be a impassioned celebration and inspired homage to one of rock drumming’s giants. Eighteen L.A. profile drummers swapped turns behind the amber Vistalites to honor Bonzo along with the heavyweight band assembled specially for the night. Hollywood Drum is a happy to bring you the juicy details.

We’ve complimented our review of the show with an exclusive pictorial chronology.

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Honoring Bonham


It’s Alive
John Henry Bonham died on September 25, 1980. In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the date, L.A. drummer and raging Bonzo-fanatic Brian Tichy has created a monster tribute in his honor. Tichy’s creation has quickly mutated from an inspired rumination into a casual gathering into an organized event into a capital “s” Show and continues to morph.

He has named his monster, The Groove Remains The Same, and it comes to life on September 25 (naturally), 2010 at Key Club in Hollywood.

Turning It Up A Notch…Or Eleven
Speaking with Tichy about the upcoming night, two things become instantly clear: He is passionate about Bonham and he approaches his passion with frenetic energy. Hell, you don’t really even need to talk to the guy—just watch him play. Since his initial inspiration gained momentum just a few weeks ago, he has committed himself with a fervor, hammering out details (of the gods) non-stop in the last few days.

There is the replica The Song Remains The Same kit to reverently piece together—yes, with timps and gong; the roster of some of L.A.’s heaviest-hitters to organize; the band to assemble and rehearse; the video and audio segments to produce; a JB-themed menu(?!) to craft; banners and t-shirts to print; confetti to procure; promotion to conduct; and, of course and perhaps most time-intensive of all, the precious guest-list to delicately manage. It’s a hot ticket. And a hot seat for the guy who innocently-enough thought it would be cool to get some friends together to play some Zep tunes in celebration of his drumming hero.

The Program
So, presently, here’s how it’ll all go down: A singular museum-grade Bonzo replica kit in all its quintessential rock glory front-and-center-stage. Each of seventeen profile rock-drummers will assume the throne (a strict No Double-Pedal Clause is said to be in place) for a crack at their Zep tune of choice with the all-ringer house band, The Moby Dicks. Add a couple video performances and wholehearted tributes to round-out the proceedings. This is a communal gathering. A rare and meaningful event. A Show. A true celebration and tribute to rock drumming’s beloved and undisputed heavyweight champion.

A shortlist of the drummers involved include Abe Laboriel Jr, Kenny Aronoff, Carmine Appice, Stephen Perkins, Chris Slade, Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Steven Adler, and Jason Bonham. Visit Key Club’s event page for more info and tickets.

Hollywood Drum went to the source to get the drummers’ personal thoughts on Bonham and this event.


To Bonzo!
Beyond the impassioned purpose of the evening, with The Groove Remains The Same Brian Tichy is essentially throwing a big party for the L.A. drumming family. Bonzo would surely approve.

Steve Krugman

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