From Rags To Ashes

What It Isn’t
Hollywood Drum is not Drum Channel. We dig Drum Channel. They have a kick-ass sound stage, cutting-edge technology, world-class drummers, and VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) innovation at their disposal. We have Carl’s apartment, pummeling-edge technology, the goodwill of friends, and moxie at ours. We like it that way. Yeah…you can keep your big box of crayons. Who needs burnt sienna, anyway?

Well, that crayon sharpener on the back is pretty cool. Those guys can crank out a slick 5-camera video summit with Bozzio, Peart, Erskine, Lang, Wackerman, Chambers, Cobb, Acuña, Novak, and Laboriel Jr. without breaking for lunch. Our latest, and only second, video interview with Jeff Friedl (Ashes Divide, Puscifer) was a solid month in the making. Carl was busy, and that’s a lot of chroma-key video data to render.

What It Is
I’m quite pleased with the result of our humble efforts, here. Jeff has a cool and inspirational L.A. tale to tell, and our personal production bar has been elevated above limbo-expert level. Although, I think even that had its charm.

Jeff is a lefty. And while not a note was played, I think that somehow comes across in this interview. He’s had quite a year, and he puts it all into context for us with humility, humor, and his own off-name brand of quirk. We had a lot of fun putting this together, and think you’ll enjoy. Catch him here before he ventures out for the Puscifer fall tour. Alright, he’ll still be here.

Steve Krugman