Debuting Nate Wood

Be Gentle
I was surprised to learn that this was Nate Wood’s first interview. It’s not like he’s an unknown. Buzz about his playing ripples in the wake of his electrifying live performances with Kneebody, and more recently, Tigran Hamasyan; and if you’re not hip to him you’re probably one or two cats away from someone who is in this town. Still, it’s true that there is little published record of the 30 year-old drumming phenom. That is destined to soon change, and I am happy to have sat down with Nate on New Years Eve day—less than a week before he departed his life-long home of Southern California for a new home and life in New York—to relate his story before it’s old news.

We covered Nate here once before, but I knew after that show with Kneebody that the resulting review was little more than a placeholder for a more revealing feature to come. So here you have it: our two-part, hour-long, tragically under-edited, implicitly promised video interview with Nate Wood.

Inspired Timing
My improvised plan was to massage the blatant symbolism of the new year and the very real transition of a cross-country move, into an opportunity for retrospection and a bit of horizon gazing. Nate indulged the premise and afterward acknowledged blissful emotional catharsis. It may have just been the effects of a late night and midday low blood sugar.

In any case, we did get the story. From a self-imposed retirement at age four, to gigs with two cutting-edge instrumental groups and John Tesh. That’s right. If you haven’t heard Nate play—or if you have—you might care to look and listen to this little piece of insanely-edited French footage first.

Congratulations and best to Nate on his move and upcoming wedding. To be continued.

Steve Krugman

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